Western Province Chinese Sports Association (WPCSA)

Western Province Chinese Sports Association (WPCSA)

November 18, 2012

The Western Province Chinese Sports Association is a community-based sports association based in Cape Town. It serves the role of fostering and promoting sports within the Chinese community who in turn promote sports to the greater Western Cape community.

Over the years the role of the sports association has adapted from being the only available option for Chinese to participate in sports, to being a club that uses sports to keep the Chinese community active, adding to the multi-cultural diversity of Cape Town and South Africa’s population.

One of the main sporting events for the WPCSA is an annual SACSA Easter Tournament held over the Easter weekend, where the WPCSA is represented in basketball, soccer, golf, table tennis and other sports. The WPCSA uses the WPCA premises as its base, and has many training and practice sessions in the hall on most evenings.

The membership of the WPCSA ranges from young to old. The members include school children ages 5 and up, to a large number of tertiary education students and young professionals. There are also a number of older professionals and business owners who may participate in social sports with the club.

For more information of the sports offered, please contact WPCSA.


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